Health care is the number one polling issue for Americans. It is the number one issue for me. I have worked in medical research my entire professional career, and in clinical practice in Central Illinois for 24 years. The threat to our American Health Care System by radical left-wing Democrats, like Dick Durbin, is the primary reason that I am a candidate for U.S. Senator from Illinois. I do not support a federal single-payor health care system in the United States. A single-payor system is not “Medicare for All.” It is an inferior plan that outlaws all insurance, including Medicare Advantage plans. The United States is the leader in health care research and innovation in the world. Since Republican President Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act (the war on cancer) in 1971, cancer survivorship has increased, and cancer mortality has decreased year-after-year. I am a doctor, and I want every American citizen to have affordable health care. I do not want what Dick Durbin wants, which is a loss of providers, long wait times, extreme rationing of care and a decline in progress in research and innovation.

Click Here – Dr. Tarter’s Healthcare White Paper

  • I oppose a single-payer federal health care system
  • I support expansion of Health Savings Account (HSA) uses and dollar amount
  • I support allowing small businesses to pool risk to qualify for insurance discounts and tax breaks
  • I support low cost short-term insurance plans and primary care membership plans 
  • I support transparency in pricing and outcomes 
  • I support regulatory relief on providers and hospitals