I support our President because he is fighting against career politicians, entrenched special interests, and a hostile press to get the job done for everyday Americans, regardless of the political consequences. He has done a remarkable job of accomplishing conservative and Republican goals of lower taxes, a booming economy, and low unemployment across all demographics. He’s lowered regulations and increased production in the energy sector, making us energy independent. He’s requiring NATO countries to pay more of their fair share for their own security. He’s stopped nuclear testing in North Korea. And he’s renegotiating trade deals that put Americans first, including forcing China to the table to ensure fair trade between our countries.

Extreme liberals like Dick Durbin and Nancy Pelosi hate President Trump because he’s not a politician and fights against their socialist policies. I will join that fight against the liberal policies that would destroy our economy and health care system, eliminate personal liberties, and make Americans unsafe.

As a doctor for nearly thirty years, I will stop Dick Durbin and his fellow radical left-wing Democrats from socializing medicine with a single-payer system. Their plan would outlaw private insurance plans and lead to a decrease in the quality of medical care, loss of providers, long wait times, extreme rationing of care, and a harmful decline in research and innovation. Instead, I will ensure Americans continue to have access to the best medical care in the world while instituting commonsense policies that make health care and insurance more affordable. This includes price and outcome transparency, insurance sold across state lines, expanded Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), regulatory relief on providers and hospitals, malpractice tort reform, small business insurance pools, low cost short-term insurance plans, and primary care membership plans.

I will also help President Trump continue to grow our booming economy. Despite Durbin’s opposition, the 2017 tax cuts are boosting our economy. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is above 3%, despite Obama’s claims this was impossible, and the unemployment rate is below 4%, including the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded among African Americans, Hispanics, and women. The U.S. leads the world in wage and salary growth, and hundreds of billions in profits have come back from overseas. I support making the tax cuts permanent, cutting spending to reduce the national debt, reducing the regulatory burden on small businesses, and balancing our budget.