I’m running for U.S. Senate because I don’t feel represented in Washington. As I travel the state, I hear the same from many other Illinoisans frustrated with Chicago politicians. Dick Durbin may have once represented us decades ago, but for many years he’s represented the narrow interests of liberal Chicago rather than standing up for our values. He’s focused more on providing taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal immigrants than helping working people, and his push for socialized medicine will cost his constituents their excellent medical care.

I will give a voice to Central and Southern Illinois for the first time in decades. I will stand for our values, fighting against the efforts of liberal Chicago politicians who seek to dictate how we should live our lives.

My entire life has been dedicated to helping others as a doctor in Central Illinois. Unlike Dick Durbin, I’m not a career politician. In fact, I’ve never run for office before. I’m running for office so I can continue to serve others, and I’m so dedicated to that mission that I retired from my career and shut down my practice so I can focus on it full time. Together, we will rid Washington of career politicians by instituting term limits, starting by defeating Dick Durbin at the ballot box in 2020.