Curran Said Republicans Must “Take Out” Trump, Prayed for “Blind Trump” to Be “Saved from Hell”

SPRINGFIELD, IL – In his current campaign for U.S. Senate, Mark Curran claims he’s always supported President Trump, yet he’s on record multiple times having opposed Trump since 2015. Is he lying or has he flip-flopped? Either way he can’t be trusted.

Mark Curran on President Trump

  • In 2018, before losing his Lake County Sheriff re-election campaign Curran said to WBBM radio “’We, as Republicans should probably look to take him out in some way, shape, or form because ultimately, he’s horrible for our brand.’ ‘So, if he’s the future of our party, put a fork in it.”[1]
  • In 2015, while participating in an immigration protest in Chicago, Curran led the audience in a prayer to save Trump “from the fires of hell and said that Trump was ‘blind.’”[2]
  • Curran even opposed Trump in the 2016 Presidential Primary, running as a delegate for Marco Rubio. Curran lost badly, coming in 9th place with only 4% of the vote.[3]

Quote from Dr. Tom Tarter

“I am the only conservative Republican in the race to defeat Dick Durbin. My lifelong history of Republican activism and my support of President Trump is proven and genuine. That is unlike my opponents, all of whom are Democrats who opposed Trump as recently as last year, one who blamed Trump for his own election loss and the other who proudly states she voted for President Obama. You can’t be a Never Trumper just one year ago and now pretend you’ve found the light and support the President in an effort to fool Republican Primary voters and win an election.”

About Dr. Tom Tarter: Dr. Tom Tarter is a nationally-recognized surgeon who has focused his career on serving the people of Illinois as a renowned urologist and cancer surgeon, medical researcher and professor, and now as a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. Dr. Tarter is a national leader in the treatment of urologic cancer who has provided care and treatment to patients in Illinois hospitals and cancer centers for the last 23 years. Residents of Central Illinois for 23 years, Dr. Tarter and his wife, Julie, have been long-time supporters of the Sangamon County Republican Party. They have 3 adopted sons, twins Andrei and Nikolai, and Sergei.

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