I’m running for U.S. Senate because I don’t feel represented in Washington. As I travel the state, I hear the same from many other Illinoisans frustrated with politicians like Dick Durbin who represent the narrow interests of liberal Chicago rather than standing up for our values.

I will represent all of Illinois. I’ll give a voice to Central and Southern Illinois for the first time in decades, standing for our values and fighting against the efforts of liberal Chicago politicians who seek to dictate how we should live our lives.

While Dick Durbin prioritizes taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal immigrants, I will fight to keep Americans safe and build the wall. I’ve seen the devastation caused by illegal immigration firsthand while doing my medical training at the county hospital in Los Angeles. I performed surgeries on many illegal immigrant gang members who had been shot or stabbed among the chaos and poverty plaguing the community.

That’s why we need to stop illegal immigration by building the wall, properly equipping Border Patrol, and compelling our local law enforcement to cooperate with ICE and deport illegal immigrants with criminal records. This will keep our neighborhoods safe and reserve taxpayer dollars for supporting American citizens in need rather than illegal immigrants.

Strengthening our borders will also help combat the deadly opioid crisis that is destroying lives and tearing apart families. We must provide Homeland Security the resources they need to combat the synthetic opioids (fentanyl) that are being produced and shipped here illegally from Mexico and China.

As a doctor for nearly thirty years, I will stop Dick Durbin and his fellow radical left-wing Democrats from socializing medicine with a single-payer system. Their plan would outlaw private insurance plans, decrease the quality of medical care, and lead to a loss of loss of providers, long wait times, extreme rationing of care, and a harmful decline in research and innovation. Instead, I will ensure Americans continue to have access to the best medical care in the world while instituting commonsense policies that make health care and health insurance more affordable.

I will also help President Trump continue to grow our booming economy. Despite Dick Durbin’s opposition, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is above 3%, the unemployment rate is below 4%, the U.S. leads the world in wage and salary growth, and hundreds of billions in profits have come back from overseas. President Trump is accomplishing conservative and Republican goals of lower taxes, energy independence, a strong military, and trade deals that put Americans first. I support making the tax cuts permanent, cutting spending to reduce the national debt, reducing the regulatory burden on small businesses, and balancing our budget.

My entire life has been dedicated to helping others as a doctor in Central Illinois. Unlike Dick Durbin, I’m not a career politician. I’m running for office so I can continue to serve others, and I’m so dedicated to that mission that I retired from my career and shut down my practice so I can focus on it full time.

I know this is where I am supposed to be. My family has learned to trust in God’s plan because “He is always on time.” We tried for years to have our own biological children, but it wasn’t meant to be. Then one day we were connected to an adoption agency and within five months we adopted Russian nine-month-old twins, Andrei and Nikolai. Two years later we got a call about another baby, Sergie, who was their biological brother. We immediately flew to Russia with a translator to adopt Sergie and complete our family. We’ve learned from experience that things might not happen when or how you want them to, but God knows what is best for us, we just need to follow Him. I’m in this fight because I know it’s where I need to be. Join me in ridding Washington of career politicians, starting by defeating Dick Durbin in 2020. I will stand with President Trump against socialism. We’ll fight against the entrenched special interests and get the job done for everyday Illinoisans.